Saturday, May 10, 2008

Book For Sale

I have been asked where my friends and family can buy my coffee table book. I made the book for myself, not expecting outside interest. But, since you asked, here it is:

Peru, Bolivia, & Ecuador

The website gives you the ability to preview the first 15 pages of photos at low resolution.

It is as cheap as I can make it (I am asking for exactly $0 in royalties on each copy).

It is available as a softcover, hardcover with dust jacket (the kind I have), and hardcover with ImageWrap. ImageWrap just means that the cover photo is directly on the hardcover, not on a separate dust jacket. The cheapest version is $25.

By the way, if you have any interest in making your own photo books, I found Blurb to be very user-friendly. There are many layout/size options. I might be putting together a few more of these.


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