Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting credit for my degree.

So, I finished my Master of Engineering Management over 6 months ago. The degree is from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. The program allowed me to take the classes through the Navy. That let me take exams while at sea. Great!

Except that the Navy lost some of my exams. They admit it. However, they never offered to fix the problem. Just, "Whoops, we screwed you out of college credits". Government organizations are not known for their excellent customer service.

I should have graduated back in December.

I have been trying to solve this problem while moving, traveling, and job hunting.

The good news: After six months of harassing my adviser, my professor, and a couple Naval Officers, it looks like I will be able to finish.

The professor has agreed to allow me to answer a few exam questions and then he will assign a grade based on that. So, here I am, relearning my Statistical Quality Control textbook (thank goodness I kept it) so that I can answer the questions he emailed me. I should be done tomorrow.


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