Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Last weekend I flew out to Seattle to visit family.

Friday we all met at Elizabeth's and Paul's house. We had a full house there: Laura, Ellis, and Katherine, Donna and Ellis (Ellis' parents), Regina (Ellis' sister), Kathryn, Dan, John Clair and Jacob, Charlotte and Roy, Karen (Kathryn's best friend) and her daughter Kathryn, Elizabeth and Paul and Paul's sister. We had a great food and enjoyed each others company.

Saturday I was able to spend the day with Laura and her family. We had a good time hanging out and playing Wii tennis. Katherine is growing up so fast. She was running all over place keeping her grandmother busy chasing after her.

On Sunday I was able to go with Kathryn and Dan to Seattle Mennonite Church. They gave a talk about their work and experiences in Chad. It was wonderful hearing about their day to day life and how they feel being in Africa. It was great being able to catch up with them.

I left very early Monday morning and I give a special thanks to Paul for getting up so early and driving my to the airport. It was a wonderful time.

To see more pictures from my trip visit July 4, 2008 - Seattle album.


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